Work Timer

Time is the main thing we web designers have to sell.  The time it takes to change the phone number, the time it takes to add photos to a photo gallery, etc... all that stuff adds up.  To help you get paid for your time, we've added a new simple way to easily keep track of your time.

It's a time timer that displays on the main Toolkit screen.   When you begin work simply type the name of the thing you are working on (this is just for you) then click the green Start button and get to work, when you are finished click the yellow Pause button and record your time in your billing system.

When you want to reset the timer click the reset Reset button.

There is also a checkbox that can be used for any Yes/No option indicator you might need while you are working... such as "Did I add this to my billing system yet?" or "Did I delete the old files already?" or "Did I reply to all the customer emails about this yet?".